Our Sanctuary
Our original edifice, is the oldest sanctuary in Old Town Bluffton. It was named after the presiding bishop of the South Carolina AME Churches at the time of its dedication. It was purchased from the Bluffton Methodist Church in 1874 by nine former slaves, who were looking for a building to establish a church under the auspices of a black denomination spreading over the South called the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The building was built in 1853. The nine former slaves were: Jacob Chislom, Renty Fields, William Ferguson, Jeffrey Buncombe, William Smiley, David Heyward, Christopher Bryan, Theodore Wilson and William Lightburn. The Original building has been altered over the years. An extension to the rear and a choir loft was added. The church was re-floored and a brick step was built. An annex was added in 1966, containing classrooms and a kitchen. In 1973, the sanctuary was completely renovated. Other additions to the original facility include a pastor study, finance room, lounge and restrooms for both women and men. In 2004, we completed our state of the art current worship center. Our current worship center include a suite of professional offices, conference room, library, age appropriate classrooms, a commercial kitchen, fellowship hall and a sanctuary with balcony. The same year we successfully hosted our first Annual Conference. The original sanctuary is still functional: it is temporarily being used by another denomination. A succession of distinguished ministers have pastored Campbell Chapel AME Church: Reverends Miles, Williams, Gibbs, Wolff, Glenn, Jennings, Chisholm, Burgess, Gillison, Jenkins, Kelly, Brown, Tolbert, Atkins, Green, James, William Green, T.D. Graham, J. Buncombe,-J, Washington, L.T. Baker, G. Hamilton, G. Flowers, J, Baker, S.L. McPherson, A.C. Keirt, W.H, Brown, LW. Wilbom, Jr., Roland Sigman, Clementa C, Pinckney, Reginald E. Jacobs, Sr., Rev. Dr, Charles E. Young and presently. Rev. Dr. Jon R. Black. The local ministers were: Reverends J.J. Johnson, Elijah Grant, James Buncombe, who later became one of the pastors, Willie Ann Hamilton, who was licensed as an Itinerant Eider, the late Ben Mitchell, Barbara Ling-Teny and presently Rose Kitty.
Original Sanctuary built in 1853
Current Sanctuary completed in 2004